Last day of vacation

After taking a lot of pain at the kampung and comfort at the cities in north Sumatra. I’m finally home. This is the panorama of Samosir island i took, cool huh?





Character discussion: Spongebob Squarepants B)


A yellow living sponge which is friendly but annoying. He works in the crusty crab restaurant (shall i tell you this restaurant is the one of the worst in Bikini Bottom, the rival of Chum Bucket, and it has only one menu?). And actually Spongebob is adored by crusty crab (the manager who really trully LOVES money) but he also always annoyed his neighbor/work mate, Squidward (Meme mode, it’s Handsome Squidward B) ). He has a best friend named Patrick star, which is the dummest people in Bikini Bottom (he doesn’t have brain 😐 ). He lives in a pineapple house with his cat (snail) pet Gary. Which never feel comfortable living with Spongebob as his owner.

What da hell

Okay maybe this is JUST for fun okay ^^

This.. Is the photo of my mom holding her camera. I love you my best kind smart annoying mother 😛


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Vacation: Dis Gon B Good


I’m going to my hometown tomorrow. And it will be great because

1, i will have nugget for meal
2, pad yeah i can bring it finally! 🙂

But still, the worse is… I have to babysit 2 babies 😦

And i will get a lot of cash when i’m home, also, i’ll meet my cousins. I also going to Samosir island and hope i meet my classmate there because one of my classmates will be there too yay! :3

Character discussion: Pinkie pie


A pink funny pony who works in sugarcube corner. She lives in a very poor and unhappy family. Her plan berore was to make an awesome birthday party for the first time, but her family didn’t agree with it. So, she got an offer to work and live with the cake family. She’s good at baking and making candies. She loves cupcakes and she also really mastered how to make cupcakes.

Her full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie. Her other side also brings out unhappinest. If she’s sad enough, her hair will becom straight back (like before since she was born). This straight hair pinkie pie made as the creepiest character in fanfiction, like in a creepypasta mlp fanfic, cupcakes.

Vocaloid academy: episode 2 (phone o matic)

Neru.. One of the vocaloids who really loves to text using her phone. Until one day, her phone battery is empty when she was chatting with her old friend. So she’s crazy all the day.

When Teto invites Miku and Neru to the pool. Neru acts strange. She blamed Teto for spending her battery. “I never use your phone like u said” said Teto. Then Neru replied “Maybe you’ve lied to me, Teto!” . Hearing that, Miku advises “you should get it charged, stupid”. “Yea but i can’t find my charger!” Neru replied.

Because of this everything is broken, her recording, album, songs. Are broken because of anger. Then one day, Haku is searching for Neru. And while on her way to Neru’s room, she found a battery charger. “This must be belong to somebody!” She thinks. But since Neru isn’t there she takes it.

And there’s one problem, Neru will be on stage tomorrow but she’s still in anger. Even she will be on the event “i-style project celebrate completion” she still not ready. While Neru was preparing for tomorrow concert. Someone knocks the door. And it’s Haku, bringing the charger. Neru was so happy then he closes the door hardly and then charge her phone.

But the result isn’t good, next day she checks her phone, and the result is still the same! And so, Neru decided to absent from that concert, and let Miku replace her. And so then, she realize that actually her phone charger is broken.

All about Gumihos (mythical animal)

Gumihos are the one of the fox monsters. They love eating human livers. And they can transform into human using their fox marble. Maybe this animal looks a bit scary in human form. It’s nine tails means that she’s the strongest among fox monsters. Also, there’s a popular Korean drama who have this animal as the main character, the title is “My girlfriend is a Gumiho”. But i dun watch this yet.

Baru ikut Bobo online, jadi ragu

Saya baru ikut Bobo online nih.. Tapi saya ragu. Soalnya saya ini aneh.. Sukanya, hal yang orang gak tahu. Pengetahuan, ketinggian. Keahlian seni, WADUH apalagi! Lebih buanget!

Dibandingkan anak seumur saya ini sih (umur saya 10 tahun) jarang ya. Jadinya susah. Apalagi, baru kirim lukisan ke redaksi Bobo.. Percaya gak redaksinya? Gak tahu, soalnya gambar gue ya.. Sebagus ini


Takutnya redaksinya gak percaya itu gambar gue.. Soalnya jarang, kan? Gue rencananya juga akan memuat artikel tentang gumiho disana…

Warning: if u don’t understand, use Google translate. This language is Indonesian

Valkyrie crusade: The biggest update evur is here!


Guys! The biggest update is here!

1, new map added!

2, new mode SCENARIO

3, new card rarity UR (Ultra rare)
Info about UR: a higher rarity above HSR, my alliance leader said their max stats are 30.000!

4, new menu style

5, new battle function. Tap on the card longer to activate skill

Guys, this update is created to celebrate the “Valkyrie Crusade: more than 2.000.000 users!”
I hope you enjoy playing valkyrie crusade

Valkyrie crusade could be downloaded on Apple and Android

Vocaloid academy episode 1: Welcoming Merli

After Galaco got fired from Vocaloid, she got very dissapointed. She thinks she won’t get a job. Then she see, a beautiful dark skinned girl walked with Aoki Lapis entering the vocaloid building. Galaco runs to her and she asked her name. Then the girl says that her name is Merli. Galaco got surprised and she thinks “Is this the new guy that everyone talking about? She’s very beautiful but dark skinned”. Because she is too shy, Galaco runs away.
After entering the building, Miku already waiting on the door. Miku asks for a tour, but Merli refuses. Then they bring her things to room 22 (which her room mates will be Maika, Lapis, and Luo). After she enters the room. The whole people in that room are looking at her. Luo then whispered to Lapis. “Who is that?” She said, “She’s my sister. She’s not just beautiful her voice is also very gorgeous” Lapis replied to Luo’s whisper.
At afternoon, Lapis asked Merli to try Merli’s own stage clothing. It’s a purple vocaloid uniform with victorian long sleeves with butterfly. Merli seems doesn’t like it but then Lapis showed her the headset and make up style. Her head set is a flower made from crystals and crystals on the mic. And for her make up, she wears a white crown and a long hair with light blue on the bottom. Merli then feels that she likes it. After she had a recording of her new songs, she meet Teto, a hyper girl. “Merli.. Are you really Lapis sister? I don’t know you’re in the i-style project” Teto asked. “Yes, i’m Lapis’ sister . And the crews actually the one who invited me to this place” Merli answered. Then Teto feels like charmed with Merli’s face. She thinks “She’s so beautiful. I never meet a guy like her before”.
In otherside, Galaco got jealous. She thinks that she’s just replaced with a dark tune skinned girl. So then, she’ll make a plan to get back to vocaloid.

To be continued….